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Smart Reader Kids® 
Early Learning Centre & Kindergarten


Smart Reader Kids Hallam

Smart Reader Kids is a 43 place Early Childhood Education and Care service in the town of Hallam, Victoria. We are a boutique service that takes great pride in educating and nurturing young children from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

Ensuring that children and their families feel welcomed and respected within the service is very important to us as it promotes great relationships between families, children and early childhood educators.

Our Programmes

6 weeks - 24 months

Babies Room

Guiding and supporting the children every step of the way, our educators work with parents and families to mimic your child's routine at home, to make them feel comfortable during their time at the centre and support their young years of development through play based learning and encouragement. We encourage children to build relationships with the educators as this will create a sense of belonging and wellbeing for the child, this allows the child to feel comfortable and a part of the group. The room leader of Babies Room is experienced and goes the extra mile for the children in her care. The Babies Room team works closely with each other to share knowledge and ideas to provide children with a developmentally appropriate program to maximise learning and skill building through play based activities and experiences. 


I've noticed my 4 year old daughter really enjoying and learning from the

kindy programme - she's replicated experiments at home (using skittle lollies

and hot water) and trying to read by herself using phonetics. Thank you

to the educators and kudos to Maria for their great work! 

- Pier

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