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Your Child's First Day

What to Expect

The best way to prepare your child for childcare is to get excited! It’s the start of an amazing period of growth and development for them. If you’re happy, they’re more likely to be happy.

We understand that starting care can be a nervous time for children and their families and we aim to make this a smooth, exciting and rewarding time.

Some children become upset when their parent or guardian leaves them at the centre, this is quite normal, especially when they have just started a program at the centre or when they are dealing with changes to their routine. Separation Anxiety usually diminishes as the child becomes more familiar with their surroundings and their educators. If you would like support or further information do not hesitant to speak to our friendly staff.

First days can be tough for both parents and children, so it’s natural to feel a bit anxious about this big change to the family routine. Our educators will do everything necessary to help your child to settle in quickly. Before you know it, they’ll have made new friends and be running in without even a wave goodbye!

Preparation Tips for Day 1

Here are some tips to help you and your child settle into care:

  • Parents/guardians should try to spend time with their child on their first day and ensure they are not in a rush.

  • Where possible try to make their first day a shorter day.

  • Before starting care and education, talk to your child about where they will be going, why they are going to the centre, what they will do there and who they will meet.

  • Answer your child’s questions openly and honestly and reassure them they will be fine and have lots of fun.

  • You could read some books about new experiences to prepare your child.

  • Drive or walk past the service to show your child where they will be going.

  • Visit the service with your child a number of times before they officially start. This will give your child an opportunity to get to know the educators and surroundings.

  • Send along items that will provide comfort if needed, such as photos or a comfort item.

  • Show your child that you feel comfortable with their educators and ensure you always say goodbye, reminding your child that you will return and when. Resist the temptation to leave without telling them when your child is distracted.

  • Call throughout the day to check on your child and say hello.

  • Spend time at the end of the day to find out about your child’s day and discuss this with your child when you get home.

See 'What to Bring & Authorised Collectors' for details on recommended items to pack for your child and drop-off/pick up formalities.

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