Our Programmes

The Caterpillar Room

6 weeks - 36 months

Guiding and supporting the children every step of the way, our educators work with parents and families to mimic your child's routine at home, to make them feel comfortable during their time at the centre and support their young years of development through play based learning and encouragement. We encourage children to build relationships with the educators as this will create a sense of belonging and wellbeing for the child, this allows the child to feel comfortable and a part of the group. The room leader of Caterpillar room is experienced and goes the extra mile for the children in her care. The caterpillar room team works closely with each other to share knowledge and ideas to provide children with a developmentally appropriate program to maximise learning and skill building through play based activities and experiences. 

The Butterfly Room

3 - 5 years

The programme offers a stimulating and educational setting, where children feel supported to become independent and capable within a secure environment. We encourage children in this programme to explore their environment. Themes are integrated into the programme to stimulate curiosity and knowledge about the world around them. We practice areas of focus, activity experiences and play based projects within an emergent curriculum evolving from the child’s interests. 

Pre-Kinder & Kindergarten

3 - 5 years

Preparing children for their primary school years, the government funded kindergarten programme aims to develop your child’s physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities. Daily activities are led by the children’s interests and strengths while the programme introduces children to routine and structure.


They participate in a combination of outdoor and indoor play, group and individual activities, morning tea and lunch break. 

Experiences are presented in ways that children can make choices and use different processes to complete activities, where more than one solution is possible. The environment is constructed to encourage children to be independent and creative. Other aspects of the programme include; physical play (indoor/outdoor) where children through activities, enhance their gross motor skills such as direction, space awareness, balance, locomotive skills, body coordination, group game cooperation and more.

Smart Computer introduces children to technology for purpose of finding information, solving problems, creating artwork and learning at their own pace. Smart Computer encourages children to explore technology together, learn to cooperate, consider different ideas and make group decisions.

4 year old Kindergarten programme runs on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8:45 am to 1:45 pm.

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