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Parent Testimonials

Thank you to the staff at Smart Reader Kids for being so welcoming.  Liam has difficulty separating from me but I know his fine once I leave. I love the photos I receive of him smiling and all the interesting activities. The photos reassure me that he is happy and we look at them when he comes home and he tells me what he was doing with such animation and delight.  

We are very happy to have chosen Smart Reader Kids. 
Thank you, 

My two year old son Nathan attends SRK three days a week.  He is so happy there.  He has made some lovely little friends who he talks about at home and misses them when he is not there.  The staff are extremely friendly, caring and Nathan adores them.  The centre allows my son to bring a favourite toy along (such as a car or basketball) to ease his initial anxiety and separation.  This has really helped him to settle and allow me to leave with a big hug and smile.  


The staff keep me well informed of his achievements – such as his speech or his willingness to share.  I appreciate the text messages I receive of reminders and I love receiving photos of Nathan – of him baking, doing various crafts and playing.  I couldn’t be happier with the service and level of care for my child.  


Thank you,


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